Ever been to a corporate event that was just boring, boring, boring? Whether it’s a team building event for employees, a company awards evening or even a black tie fundraiser, there’s nothing worse than an event that leaves people yawning and wishing they weren’t there. One way to ensure that your function is a resounding success, is to hire a corporate magician who knows his stuff, and can keep your guests entertained, and having a whale of a time.

Magic is a wonderful ice breaker

Corporate functions are often filled with awkward small talk, especially at the beginning. A crowd pleasing corporate entertainer with a bag of magic tricks up their sleeve can get guests talking, interacting and laughing.

A magical corporate entertainer is unique, fun & memorable

Creating a buzz around any event is essential for it’s success. A corporate magician is a great draw card that can generate excitement before the event – adding an atmosphere of anticipation. Magic entertainment is something very different to offer your guests, and it’s guaranteed to intrigue and enthral.

A magician creates atmosphere

Corporate event entertainment is just one of many things that go into creating the right vibe at a function, such as food, decor and music. Atmosphere can deflate as quickly as a popped balloon if the entertainment is not up to scratch. Booking a magician ensures fast paced action to keep guests interested and engaged.

Are you looking for a superb corporate magician for your next party or event? Dan Hudson is a highly skilled magical entertainer. Contact him to find out how to book.