You’re engaged – congratulations! While you’re getting everything prepared for the big day, one of the things you’re likely thinking of is entertainment. Gone are the days when a bar, a DJ and a dance floor were the things that kept a wedding going. Unique wedding entertainment is the way forward – and what could be more unique than a wedding magician?

A wedding magician keeps things fun

The trend these days is for weddings to be slightly less formal where guests can relax and just have a good time while they celebrate with you. A magical wedding entertainer is fun, exciting and interactive so there is never a boring moment.

Wedding magic makes memories

At the end of the day, you want your wedding to be memorable – both for yourself and for your guests. A wedding magician is unexpected and unique and creates a talking point long after the honeymoon is over.

Entertainment during bridal photos

During a wedding, there are always times where there is a lull in activity or when your guests need something to do – for example, while the bridal party is off taking photos, or in between courses at a sit-down meal. A wedding magician can perform mingle magic or close up table magic as they wait, to ensure that they don’t feel neglected or bored.

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