If you plan to be an exhibitor at a trade show, then you may want to consider hiring a trade show magician. Why? Professional trade show magicians can be powerful catalysts for increasing exhibit traffic and heightening awareness of your company’s product and services

Stand Out in the Crowd with a Trade Show Magician

Take into consideration the size of the show and how many of those stands are your direct competitors. With so many organizations competing for attention it’s become increasingly competitive its important that you stand out from the crowd.

A professional trade show magician can do more than just attract a crowd – they can engage an audience and showcase your products and services, providing entertainment that helps create memorable experiences that add value to your brand

Moreover, trade show magicians receive the highest ratings, after product demonstrations, for product identification and recognition.Following are the key benefits of hiring a professional magician as part of your overall trade show marketing strategy:
• Attracting booth visitors who otherwise would not have stopped by your exhibit.
• Educating attendees about your products and services.
• Entertaining booth visitors while providing a window of opportunity to pre-qualify prospects.
• Enhance name recognition and recall after the show.
• Increasing the number of leads generated from show participation.

An Expert Trade Show Magician Can Help Increase Booth Traffic and Enhance Product Awareness

Expert trade show magicians are more than just excellent entertainers. They partner with exhibitors across industries to attract visitors to trade show booths – and then actively promote company products during engaging performances.To support your exhibiting sales objectives, highly trained trade show magician Dan Hudson spends significant time before a show learning about your company, market positioning, products and essential selling points. Scripting the show beforehand to ensure your product or service is effectively integrated into the magic act to maximize message impact.
As a result, Dan can serve as a marketing partner in educating exhibit booth attendees about your product or service’s key points of distinction. While performing his illusions, trade show magician Dan Hudson can make sure your company information is emphasized.


4 Reasons to choose Trade Show Magician Dan Hudson to enhance your ROI

Dan Hudson’s unique brand of comedy magic is guaranteed to enthral and amuse. He is an excellent magician and a natural entertainer who never fails to impress.

The reviews are proof enough: Dan Hudson always ensures that guests have a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and his clients can’t speak well enough of him.

Dan Hudson is skilled at both close up magic and stage illusions. This flexibility to adapt his style makes him suited to many types of trade events.

As a born entertainer with a natural, easy-going style, Dan Hudson brings his unique personality to every magic show with perfect comic timing and excellent wit.


Take a look at how Dan helped MCS Global Limited stand out from the crowd with trade show magic at the Executive Hire Show, an exhibition for the tools, plant and equipment hire industry in Coventry or Contact Dan Hudson via phone 07966 036 928 or email enquiries@danhudsonmagician.co.uk. Alternatively, you can use the contact form