Summer days are here to stay – for a couple of months at least. This also means it’s party season – weddings, garden parties, summer and graduation balls. Outdoor parties in the summer sun (or under a balmy star-studded sky) are simply the best, and they can be made even better with a little bit of close-up mingle magic!

Wow Guests with a Close-up Magic Show

But wait, you say, isn’t magic just for kids? Not at all! A talented performer of close-up magic or table magic is an excellent choice of entertainment for a summer party. The flair and ‘wow’ factor of magic, combined with tongue-in-cheek banter, are the perfect ingredients for an event to remember.

1. Summer Balls and Sit-Down Events

Any sit-down event will have a few awkward lulls… in the beginning, before things get going, between courses or waiting for the buffet, after dinner or between speeches. A professional table magician can fill the gaps and ensure guests have a wonderful, memorable time.

Close-up magic makes for superb after-dinner entertainment. A professional magician can mingle from table to table, performing mind-boggling sleight-of-hand tricks, interacting with guests, keeping them interested, and laughing out loud in amazement.

2. Cocktail Parties and Garden Parties

Standing around at a cocktail party gets boring after a while – to liven things up with a little close-up magic show.

Mingle magic can provide something special to a garden party and keep things buzzing. A skilled magician can work for any crowd, mingling from group to group and performing astounding illusions that keep people guessing. It’s a fantastic way to keep guests engaged, talking and excited and ensure no dull moments.

3. A Unique Icebreaker for Any Event

Sometimes it can take a little while to get a party started. Awkward small talk and prolonged silences are not fun!

Close-up magic is a great way to unite people if they don’t know each other well or feel nervous. A performer skilled in mingle magic is a super form of entertainment to break the ice at the start of your event, drawing guests in and engaging them with humour, fast-paced banter and fantastic sleight-of-hand magic tricks.

Combining the art of magic with flair and style, Dan Hudson has a unique ability to capture the senses of an audience. An accomplished member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Dan displays tremendous skill in executing traditional magic tricks in a compelling and contemporary manner.

Contact Dan Hudson via phone at 07966 036 928, email or use the online contact form for an obligation-free quote and let Dan Hudson Magician make the magic happen for you!