Close-up Magic

An Incredible Close-up Magician

Dan Hudson is exceptional at close-up magic and mingle magic. His performances, which take place in the palm of your hand, will leave you wondering if it’s the real deal! Dan Hudson’s incredible sleight of hand ensures that guests are absolutely amazed.

Close-up Magic Show

A close up magic show requires superb skill and when Dan Hudson is performing, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was using a real magic wand. Performed as table magic during a dinner party or wedding, or mingling through a crowd, his close up magic tricks combine modern magic with playful banter. Guests are stunned as money appears to change value in the palms of their hands, and objects disappear – only to reappear in unexpected places.

Mingle Magic to Break the Ice

Mingle magic is a brilliant way to entertain guests at a formal cocktail party or while wedding guests are having pre-drinks as bridal photos are being taken. Dan Hudson is a true entertainer, and his ability to work a crowd and keep them completely astounded and entertained is phenomenal. He is a skilled close-up magician, and this, combined with great personality, charm, and humour, makes him an excellent choice for any party.

Magic Never Ceases to Amaze

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Benefits of Hiring Dan Hudson Magician


Dan Hudson is a natural entertainer who will captivate and amuse you with his unique brand of comedy magic.


Clients speak highly of Dan Hudson; the reviews show how hosts and guests have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


A magician for all events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions through close-up or stage magic.


With his natural, easy-going style and comic timing, Dan Hudson brings his unique personality to every magic show.

Magic Nationwide

Dan Hudson is based west of London and works predominantly in the southeast counties. He is prepared to travel if required.