Comedy Magic

Dan is a Comedian and a Magician

Dan Hudson is a talented magician who specialises in comedy magic. He doesn’t just perform magic; he’s also a comedian. Dan’s natural wit, humour, and unique comedy magic tricks make fantastic performances that please any crowd. When it comes to entertaining guests, nothing captivates them like a well-executed magic show.

Comedy Magician for Hire

Hiring a comedy magician is a great way to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Dan Hudson is a magician with an incredible personality, style, and impeccable comic timing. He delivers fast-paced performances packed with humour and witty jokes that leave the audience in stitches.

Interactive Magic Entertainment

Dan Hudson is an exceptional entertainer because of his talent for understanding and engaging with his audience. Whether performing comedy magic shows or close-up table magic, he always encourages participation, making his magic personal, interactive, and highly enjoyable.

Magic Never Ceases to Amaze

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Benefits of Hiring Dan Hudson Magician


Dan Hudson is a natural entertainer who will captivate and amuse you with his unique brand of comedy magic.


Clients speak highly of Dan Hudson; the reviews show how hosts and guests have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


A magician for all events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions through close-up or stage magic.


With his natural, easy-going style and comic timing, Dan Hudson brings his unique personality to every magic show.

Magic Nationwide

Dan Hudson is based west of London and works predominantly in the southeast counties. He is prepared to travel if required.