You’re at an event, and a party magician is working the crowd. He takes your 5-pound coin and, with a wave of his hand, makes it vanish – only to make it reappear as a 50-pound note. You’re perplexed. You were watching his hands the entire time. And even though you may have been distracted by his playful banter, you’re pretty sure it’s impossible that you were hoodwinked.

It’s Almost Like Real Magic, Isn’t It?

Yes, you know it’s all a trick, but when you’re watching a superb magician perform, you’d be forgiven for wondering if something supernatural was going on. That’s what makes magic entertainment so popular. No matter how young or old, how clever or naive, seeing something impossible occurring thanks to a magician’s sleight of hand is baffling and highly entertaining.

Magic is a Skilled Form of Art

Learning magic tricks and how to perform them flawlessly takes years of study and practice. Magicians never reveal the secrets of their trade because the secrets make magic so intriguing and entertaining. If the secrets were revealed, not only would magicians be out of a job. Magic would lose its sense of wonder.

Showing the Trick Would Ruin the Fun

Magic continues to enthral and captivate audiences because it invites curiosity and always results in the unexpected. If a magician lets the audience in on the trick, magic would quickly become mundane. And why would you want that?

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